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Palestinian Resources & Organizations

The consistent attacks against Palestinians has heightened the humanitarian crisis for those living in Gaza and Jerusalem. The violence and destruction has left thousands homeless and vulnerable. Here is a list of organizations that are serving the Palestinian population during these desperate times along with helpful resources for educational purposes.

Zarqa Life Center

Zarqa Life Center is a well-known organization in Jordan, which has welcomed 4,000 women from different nationalities since 2015. We ask you to support them in developing innovative activities spreading the benefits of micro-farms and sustainable agriculture practices in urban areas to vulnerable groups of women and youth. This permaculture project, led by women and youth, is a powerful way to tackle food insecurity and improve socio-economic conditions for communities in Zarqa. Please donate to our trusted colleagues fundraising for this ongoing project!

Beirut Relief Fund

The catastrophic Beirut explosion on August 4th, 2020 has left many dead, thousands wounded & homeless, and caused billions of dollars worth of property damage to the city. Not only are the Lebanese affected by the explosion, but Lebanon is home to the highest amount of Syrian refugees per capita. Lebanon was already experiencing financial hardships before the explosion but now is in dire need of aid. We ask you to support the Beirut Disaster Relief efforts through LIFE Generation Ltd to help Lebanon during this time.

Anti-Racism Resources

The unnecessary murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others from police brutality led to nationwide protests in the United States and globally to end institutional and systemic racism. Racism is an ugly part of the United States’ history and continues to occur in various forms. It is critical that we are ALL aware of discriminations and racism that exist, especially prejudices that may not be as apparent. The following resources provide educational material on the topics of race and discrimination to enhance self-awareness moving forward.

Amani Charity Gaza Camp

Amani Charity, located in the heart of Jerash UNRWA Refugee Camp in Jordan, is a community-driven charity focusing on women, children, and the elderly. The charity contributes to the community in many ways, from creating jobs for women and educating children, to delivering meals and necessities to the elderly in Gaza Camp. Most recently the charity launched an employment initiative for refugee women in the camp called Asli. Asli sells hand-stitched kufiyahs, clothing, and accessories, stitched with traditional Palestinian embroidery made by women from marginalized communities.